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ITP's offices, engineering, and production are housed in three state of the art fireproof facilities totaling over 36,000 sq. ft.  Our location along the scenic St. Croix River provides ITP employees with vast recreational opportunities every season of the year. The quality of life that thrives in this beautiful area of the country fosters a positive spirit toward our work, a spirit which is reflected in our commitment to our customers.

Productivity is optimized in an environment arranged for efficient workflow and a rigorous quality control program of monitoring both in-process and final production.  All products are carefully approved prior to shipment. Back-up equipment assures continued production during periods of regular machine service and maintenance.

   Capacity Model
1 30 OZ 400-Ton Van Dorn Screw
2 30 OZ 350-Ton Van Dorn Screw
1 30 OZ 300-Ton Van Dorn Screw
1 14 OZ 200-Ton Van Dorn Screw
2 14 OZ 170-Ton Van Dorn Screw
2 8 OZ  150-Ton Van Dorn Screw
3 8 OZ 120-Ton Van Dorn Screw
1 5 OZ 85-Ton Van Dorn Screw
2 4.4 OZ 85-Ton Cincinnati
1 1.5 OZ 40-Ton Van Dorn Screw
2 2 OZ 35-Ton Van Dorn Screw
1 1 OZ 25-Ton Newbury Vertical Injection


Telephone 715-483-3086          FAX 715-483-1623
PO Box 577,  531 Blanding Woods Road
St. Croix Falls, WI  USA

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